November 23, 2020

KEPW News Weekly – Episode #5

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In this episode of KEPW News Weekly Edition we have a report on emergency preparedness, a story on an EWEB clear-cut at 40th and Hilyard, highlights from a recent forum on wildfires, a news-day news-brief, a piece about temporary OSHA rules, a segment about an Oregon property refund, and important announcements about local opportunities.

These episodes are also broadcast on KEPW 97.3 FM in Eugene, Oregon on Mondays at 6am and 1:30pm and repeating on Wednesdays and Sundays at the same times.

Corrections: Lisa Levsen wrote in to correct her statement in the Emergency Preparedness article. Dan Isaacson’s degree is in Political Science and Terrorism Response which includes a focus on emergency management. His master is in Public Policy Management. And it took Lane County 30 phone calls and 36 hours to provide one COVID thermometer rather than the 3 days she originally stated.