July 30, 2021

KEPW News Weekly – Episode #37

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In this episode of KEPW News Weekly Edition we have:

  • A report on the looming eviction crisis
  • A nonprofit spotlight interview with Carry it Forward founder Arwen Maas-Despain
  • A segment about Neighborhood Leaders Council members discussing the effects of redistricting
  • News and commentary about sweeps and legislative bills affecting the unhoused
  • An interview with former EWEB commissioner Sandra Bishop about a project in South Eugene that would see trees cut to build two new water tanks
  • A report on Senator Ron Wyden talking about the urgent need to prepare to fight multiple large wildfires simultaneously

These episodes are also broadcast on KEPW 97.3 FM in Eugene, Oregon on Mondays at 6am and 1:30pm and repeating on Wednesdays and Sundays at the same times.

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